Wholeheartedly for customers to provide quality products and services
Wholeheartedly for industry innovation and development to make contributions
Wholeheartedly for the creation of a good environment to work hard

Focus on

Xingyi company aims to provide customers with professional surface treatment

equipment and supporting environmental protection equipment, mainly

including plastic plating, copper plating, zinc , nickel plating, hard

chrium, oxidation, electrophoresis, barrel plating, ring plating and other fully

automatic production lines and surface treatment equipment such as

phosphating. At the same time, according to the user and environmental

protection requirements, we can design a complete set of equipment for

wastewater treatment, waste gas reuse, waste gas treatment, pure water, etc.

Our products are highly praised by customers for their high techn

Specialized customization of various surface treatment equipment

production lines and supporting environmental protection equipment

Improvement, upgrading and reform of various used plating lines

     Professional maintenance and repair of production line

Production line maintenance
Used line reform
New line building

To survivby quality, to develop by science and technology, to seek reputation
by service and to make friends in good faith are the company’s consistent
purposes. We will serve new and old users with higher quality and newer
technology. We are willing to work with colleagues and friends from all walks of
life to create a glorious future in the field of surface treatment. Warmly welcome
friends from all walks of life to visit and guide us to negotiate business.
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